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MIXED MARTIAL ARTS (Combat Submission Wrestling)


The Benefits of MMA Training at The Academy:

  • World Class FITNESS

  • Student Safety

  • A Knock Out Workout

  • Structured Curriculum


At The Academy, we train mixed martial arts as a blended system of striking and grappling in a SAFE & WELCOMING family/team type atmosphere, creating a system and class environment proven to suit students of all backgrounds. What ever your goals may be, we have a pathway in place for you to receive the benefits you are looking for.


Nowadays, there are many different grappling and submission arts available to the public, from Brazilian Jiu-jitsu to American Wrestling. Sensei Erik Paulson devised one of the best training systems and teaching methods we have found. This system is called CSW (Combat Submission Wrestling) and it utilizes the best standing, takedowns, tackles and throws from Judo, Sambo, Greco, Collegiate and Freestyle Wrestling and divides its ground grappling system in three parts:



•Finishes/submissions taken from Judo, Sambo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Shooto, Pancrase and Catch-as-Catch-Can Wrestling.


You will learn how to fight, grapple, strike, clinch, takedown, throw, and submit in one of the cleanest, and most modern facilities in Barcelona.


This is different than most programs in Barcelona. We offer a FREE introductory class, don't hesitate to Call Now! – 93 485 22 01 or 620 789 409 - START Today!

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