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"Javi is a great example of traditional martial arts practitioner, coming to The Academy and working hard at arts that were completely different from his traditional training. Javi has shown that the most important thing any martial art should teach you is to be good and strong on the inside because that will go over into anything else you do … not just as a martial artist but as a person."

- Coach Michael de Acevedo of The ACADEMY


Javi Alba started practicing martial arts 10 years ago training under Sabum John W. McKissock teachings - 6th Dan in Taekwon-Do ITF - and reaching his1st Dan black belt level.

After getting his instructor title in Taekwon-Do, he started teaching classes at Academia d'Arts Marcials de Vic - both to kids and adults. He had already been practicing the Jukoshin Ryu Jiujitsu style in this academy under Shihan Javier Cámara - 6th Dan - and achieved his 1st Dan black belt in 2013.

Two years ago, he started practicing Total Self Defense (Jun Fan JKD and Kali) and The Academy BCN. Nowadays, he still trains this discipline - reaching an assistant instructor level - and also teaches Jukoshin Ryu Jiujitsu once a week.


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