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The Benefits of our Fitness and Kettlebell Program:

  • Muscle strengthening and toning for both men and women

  • Improve spinal strength / posture

  • Increase your energy levels

  • Lose weight – (BURN FAT and GAIN MUSCLE)


Our FITNESS / KETTLEBELL program is geared towards strengthening and toning each individual and is set up for everybody that is looking for optimum results in minimum time.


We use body weight exercises, Kettlebells, Clubbells, Barbells and much more to make sure you increase your strength, coordination and flexibility without added bulk, conditioning/stamina, enhance your metabolism/accelerate fat loss, tone your muscles and improve your cardiovascular health.


This is different than most programs in Barcelona. We offer a FREE introductory class, don't hesitate to Call Now! – 93 485 22 01 or 620 789 409 - START Today!


What is a Kettlebell? A Kettlebell is an old Russian weight-training device that looks like a metal bowling ball with a thick, sausage shaped handle protruding from it. Its unique shape creates an off-centered environment for the user, challenging the entire body simultaneously and synergistically, instead of just one or two muscle groups. The bells we use at our school range in size from 8 kg up to 48 kg. This is totally different from traditional weightlifting! While traditional weightlifting is based on a bodybuilding paradigm, Kettlebell training revolves around developing functional or tactical strength.


What is a Kettlebell fitness workout like? The majority of Kettlebell exercises are ballistic in nature, which means that the bell is swung rather than merely lifted. As a result, the exercises take the user through multiple vectors, challenging the user's muscles through a wider range of motion. Keeping the Kettlebell in constant motion also allows the user to achieve incredible strength while simultaneously developing intense cardio.

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